Hereatt Heen Trance

by Syphilic

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released June 19, 2015


all rights reserved



Syphilic Michigan

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Track Name: Detwat, Fichigan
They're all nicely packed in my new car
With my partially eaten passport I came from the bar
I get DUIs and I'm slamming Five O'Clock hard
This city & state are so great
I love that it has one of the highest unsolved murder rates
It reaks of rancid urine
In this surrounding I can blend in my hate

A nice day to toss beer cans out my car
Today's main trip is Canada, it's not far
I take pictures of the Ambassador Bridge, a future crime scene
I cross over and over again, my wherabouts go unseen

These human pieces of meat are littered
Some whores battered, butchered all nice & neat
Slapped, crapped, whacked, wrapped
I drive the bridge on a really slow day
This particular one was a kicking lay
It was funny when some of them would pray

Out the window, the pieces go; sink this hoe, another out the window
I think that was her head; face fucked her mouth for a while so it was all red
I reach the end with no damn pieces left
A feeling so good, like winning the special olympics

Oops, I forgot to tell you about the actual murder
The rape on her was separate
She lasted a long time
By the end, her wishes for death were desperate
I went through her purse, she has an address and a kid
Guess I have to go find him
Track Name: Savage Rape
Salivated for my mom, but over other shit
I have other motives than to take the hint
Rabid mutt bit me, now equipped with a rabie schlong
I will go get laid after I drink my Five o'clock and hit this bong
Spotted, primped like a poodle
My pink lipstick drops like wet noodles

Never understood why bitches go shopping
Either way, I'm gonna follow her home
I feel the wet pre cum dripping down my leg, soon she'll be alone
Stops for a cigarette in a piss filled alley
Dumpsters galore, mass trash, the rage comes out of me

Chloroform is my friend
I feel her drop and waste no time stripping her
As much as I need to, no more because I don't care
On a mission, I beat this unconscious fuck box
Bludgeoned while I shove in my cock, I pull out her hair
My hands cringe, my body tense, I clinch my teeth
All of me swole out to the max, the anger starts to leave
All that rage that as I cum, it isn't the only foam
I'm foaming at the mouth, now to pack up and go home

Stepped on like kitty litter, rabies injected into her empty shell of hell
I try to keep rabies, I don't mind being bit
I love rape, it's win/win so they can feel it
My sperm is infectious and sour, I eat it and salivate
Every time I spread rabies and hate
Track Name: Sentimental Sausage Links
It's happening again, I smell the pot of Foldiers coffee brewing
A wake up call, in the hall
Another day, another train, my sisters vs. balls

I wonder who's in on this one, so far I'm counting three
Brother, Uncle, Cousin
Might as well join in on the family lovin'

Been going a while, there are loads on her
Covering her tits, face, slit, and hair
I can't tell if she likes it
I know though that I don't really care

Slide in, easy sleazy beautiful cover girl
My uncle and cousin are playing with eachother
Whatever helps, I guess
Father & Son going to town on my sister's chest

Trying to rush, I want some malt liquor
Thirst makes me thrust quicker
Lick her face while I deep dick her
What a treat, here comes Dad
He joins us, high five & laugh

Incest lovin', about to be cummin'
She looks hungry, it's not up to her where I finish
Timed right, rammed down her throat, I spoil her breakfast
Time to get out of this one
The uncle is a creep, always tries to poke my hole and touch feet
Anal blood brothers; The best speed, I won
Make my way to the fridge to start my binge
St. Ides or Steel Reserve?
Might as well grab both so I don't have to get up later
They're still fucking her, sausage for breakfast, they're still fucking her
Track Name: Spunky Brewster
Another soccer practice, I am watching you kick that fucking ball around
I begin to daydream, I hear your sounds, nice & loud
Staring and taking pictures of this little kid that reminds me of me
I knew I would never have a kid, soon settling in, done for the day
Drunken stumbling, breaking in, I will find a way

Lights off, they need to get their sleep
Time goes by & I don't hear a peep
In the window, walking into rooms & standing still
Finding the girl, thirteen year old, to fuck & kill

In her own home while her family is asleep; I found her, I mount her
Silence out of fear when the knife came out
Stabbed repeatedly in the chest, 10 year old wakes up from rest
Her friend is dying while she is scared & crying

In the fight she had gotten up, so out of my impulse I slit her throat
Twice, slit back to the spine, stabbed several more times
Now I noticed her friend, before I leave, I walk to her bunk
Instruct her to move the hands protecting her throat, I thought she would croak

From the black out, I wasn't spry until the next evening
The cops came to my door, I guess the second little bitch got away
In I went, my last free day, I can kill no more

This was just a drunken normal day
I can't honestly remember the amount of lives I took away
Never cared if I had to kill a kid
If they were there, they were there and I would kill it
Knives were the best, feel the skin open & expose the rest

Sometimes rape was fun, one was some pregnant bitch that I was watching
Battery induced birth, bludgeoned baby as soon as it's head emerged
Soon to Texas prison, straight to death row of course
I don't really care though, my life has run it's course

These pigs are so slow at everything, I will probably die of natural causes
I couldn't care less about your family or friends
Just like everyone's best friend, Richard Ramirez
They feed me well, I LOVE it here, we make spud juice but I still miss beer

The shatter is in my brain, it is my gift, sucks that I'm stuck in prison
I am always optimistic to breaking out
For the sole purpose of going on a spree to continue my work
Track Name: Vitamin STD
Good morning, you we're drunk last night, fucked a bunch of dudes
I don't care, I feed you, her hangover medicine every day is a new STD
I learn did class lots smart university

I got a good job, when I work on anything I drink 5O'clock
I steal from the PP testing lab, infected cum from bum cock
This usually lasts a couple months before they croak
From all the stranger seasoning, their immune system is broke

I remained good to all the slime women, for this single reason
They all get sick and die, I find it amusing
Usually ending covered in bruising, I kill them and then go boozing
I am still a serial killer, I like close murder as well, semen in Taco Bell

I don't even care to fuck these cunts
Female at birth is proof of guilt
Rotten, dropped dead, to be forgotten

I don't kiss them, the sores cover 'em
They bleed for me, watch the sex diminish
Some cum iced tea; fatality

They feed off me, I supply facials & food for free
Defect pussy, constantly feeding them STDs
Each one a game, I rid the world of their filth
Symptoms of sexual destruction, STD eruption
Track Name: Discharged.
I spent years training my dog, he's at eye level with crotch
Little fucker is lucky
He has a sense of smell that will catch when a cunt is runny

Act like I'm totally blind, act like I'm mentally retarded
Never let her out of my sight, bitch loves animals
So the retard said, "He looks so cute!" I respond, "I smell you"

They think it's their shit perfume
It's just their pussy's exhaust fumes
After I walk them home my knife comes out and
I grab her throat

Dropped in her own doorway, followed in with my vicious mutt
I search her home looking for ANYONE to gut
No one, so I raid her liquor cabinet and get fucked up
I strip her naked, tie her up, and tape her mouth shut
Let her watch me chug her liquor, I'm now sloshed up

My awesome dog, Moribund, he's been so patient to lick
I remove his leash, and let him sniff his way over to feast
He goes until he is done, out comes his pink lipstick
Stiff & dripping with doggy precum, ready to stick in her yeast

When they live, they're too ashamed
To tell that they were an object for a dog to jizz in
Mangled snatch, dog's done, I gotta run
Find more females to discharge so my dog can have more din-din
Track Name: Tonsil Tollbooth
Some guys call her T.T., or Titty
Either way I bank big money
When it's dark, I parade the streets and sell slut meat
Physical battery costs more, only because it devalues the whore
Negotiate for every open hole

Face fucked like Sasha Grey, filthy lay, screw anything that breathes
Gang banged like Ava Devine, most unclean, spread her STDs
Facialed like Lanny, sold to trannies, never say never
Analled like Naomi, sometimes she blows me, wherever, whenever, whoever
Anyone can get laid, just as long as I get paid

Big stiff dicks are coming her way, rammed like Sara Jay
Much like Abella she is fucked through the back way
Day in, day out, fucked inside out, they come and they go
Nameless strangers, constant danger, degrade this hoe
Physical battery costs more, only because it devalues the whore
Negotiate for every open hole

Years have passed, I started pimpin' her when she was ten
She's blown out and her pussy has been exhausted
Her vacant eyes show she's dead to the world
That's when I realize we're out in the cold

She's been a great little sister, I'm glad to be with her
We are the happiest couple I could have ever wished for
Sometimes I need to beat the shit out of her, like this...
The world will never understand
The caring and love that comes from my pimp hand
Track Name: Euphoric Genital Hazing
Why, oh Why? In junior high, Daddy slapped, grabbed, and threw me
Held down & controlled until his dick was dry, a euphoric wet dream, and then he licked me
His incestual bliss, I could feel my pussy rip, bloodline cock nestled in between my new tits

Used as his sperm whale's fishtank, raped so long that he was shooting blanks
My first time, downgraded to a slut, my father owned me, and fingered my butt
My pussy was destroyed, I could trust no one, not even my closest loved ones
I told everyone, no one believed me, told me I was crazy constantly
"My father raped me," I would say; their response was, "Good lay?"

I am worthless, Father raped with cunnilingus, Mom didn't care about the affair
To be honest though, I liked the taste of his penis, he made me bite the pillow and would pull my hair
His cock barely fit, I could feel my pussy rip, I lay on my back and on my face his cum would drip

Celebrating my first period, raped over and over, over and over
Too much blood, too much blood, too much blood, bleeding from my pussy and asshole
As I grew older, euphoria set in, I needed it more and more
My loose, raped cunt got what it deserved, my female parts classify me as dirt

Eventually I killed my mother out of jealousy, my father eventually used her body as meat
In her sleep one night we snuck up on her, my dad snapped her neck but she awoke
Paralyzed by her own family in her own home
While she cried we pulled out all of her hair, for days we just let her lay there
Tormented, never left alone

We think she starved but we don't know, dead in her bed, we fucked on her corpse
His dick regularly jammed down my throat, been fucked so much that my anus is warped
We were now in love, couldn't live without eachother

How sweet and tender her little ass was roasted in the oven
It took me nine days to eat her entire body

Over time as I absorbed more man juice, I was proud he stretched me so loose
Fist to the wrist, I outgrew his dick, it was no longer thick, couldn't feel it
Time to quit, my pussy lips no longer dripped, our sex life was stripped
I didn't hesitate with stabbing him in his sleep; dead, sliced his dick off and ate it
Complete euphoric genital hazing

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